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Known Benefits of Pilates

in Fitness

First heard of Pilates as one of the most used form of exercise by models. Seen many celebrities doing it as well.

Pilates was developed to help strengthen the human mind and body. It can be done by the use of an equipment (like one in the photo) or in the mat, at home or mostly in the gym.

There are known benefits of Pilates in which some are the following;

  • Core muscle endurance – in which strengthens and tone muscles on your abdominal area, lower back, hips and buttocks.
  • Increased Flexibility – more stretching less stressing they say.
  • Body Posture – this exercise will push you to do the right posture as you learn to balance yourself especially working with an equipment.
  • Balance Mind and Body – helps mental health by working on your focus and full attention to every move.

Anyone can try Pilates no matter what your fitness background is. Maybe, this exercise works best for your fitness goal. Pilates are now being offered to most of the gyms.

Strong Lower Body

in Fitness

Exercise lower body gives you a stronger stance. Great foot work and endurance from jogging or running a marathon will provide you advantage. Challenge yourself and try these four exercises to improve your lower body.

Challenge yourselves by doing extra!

Squats – Go down lower as you can.

Deadlifts – lift as heavy as you can.

Hip Thrust – use weights.

Calf Raise – do more reps as you can.

For strength gain do these routines 3-4 set of 3-6 repetitions.

For muscle gain do these routines 3-5 sets of 8-15 repetitions.

Raptors Fans Betrayal Wore Warriors Jerseys

in NBA

Jimmy Kimmel got the raptors fans to wear Golden State Warriors jerseys, too funny not to watch!

Watch the video here —

Paige Vanzant Calls herself Spicy Hot!

in UFC

Paige Vanzant one of the hottest women in MMA thinks of herself as Spicy Hot, do you agree?

Kevin Durant Successful Achilles Rapture Surgery

in NBA

Kevin Durant underwent a surgery in New York to repair his raptured achilles. The procedure was a success, get well Kevin!

Richard Sherman NFL Champ has a Direct Message for Kevin Durant Critics

in NBA

Richard Sherman, NFL Champ and 4x All-Pro has a direct message to Kevin Durant critics specifically current and former professional players.

A lot of comments circling around Kevin Durant Injury on whether KD played too early as he injured his achilles.

He follows-up comparing Kevin Durant to having achieved his goals and people who criticize him have not:

Richard Sherman ends with deep respect and admiration for what Kevin Durant did.

Draymond Green Blocks Last Shot by Kyle Lowry in Game 5 NBA Finals 2019

in NBA

Kyle Lowry missed big in the buzzer beating attempt in Game 5 NBA Finals 2019. In what looked like a choke, Draymond Green of the Golden State Wariors block Kyle clean and preserving their 106-105 margin and winning Game 5 of the Finals.

Great Job Draymond Green, we get to do this again in two days.

Draymond Green Blocks Kyle Lowry Game 5 Finals
Draymond Green Blocks Kyle Lowry Game 5 Finals vs Toronto Raptors

Kevin Durant Injury in Game 5 is Painful to Watch

in NBA

Kevin Durant started hot with 11 points in the first quarter of play and when everything seems to be going right for him, he started to hobble and came down with 9:46 on the clock.

People believed Durant has aggravated his calf-injury suffered around four weeks back. To see a player comeback and bring life to a team struggling to remain in the NBA Finals 2019 and then come going down with another injury is painful to watch. Please get well Kevin Durant, this time fully recovered before stepping on the floor again.,

Kevin Durant Sports Center Injury Tweet NBA Finals 2019
Kevin Durant Sports Center Injury Tweet NBA Finals 2019
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