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CELTICS at RAPTORS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | September 11, 2020 Jayson Tatum powered the Celtics with 29 PTS, 12 REB and 7 AST, as the Boston …

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This NBA’s video is titled CELTICS at RAPTORS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | September 11, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:55, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Am i the only one who's happy to see Kemba win playoff series. It's like, Finally his on a better team where he can make use of his talents.

  2. Raptors fans are fuel for the team…they did exceptional in such unprecedented circumstances without the “physical presence” of their fuel !

  3. The east finals are going to be nuts lol if Lakers win the wcf and the Celtics at ecf make sure that I am a Lakers fan and Lakers will defeat the Celtics get nubbed

  4. I'm glad you lost I don't support people that support rapists especally rapists that don't listen to the police we hire to protect us when they are being arrested .Hope you never win another championship ever ,you losers are all done like the losers you support .

  5. Happy for Kemba. After so many years of wasting his prime in a trash team, he's only 1 series away from playing in finals. But he's not playing effecient this past few games,needs to step up next series. Also happy for jimmy!

  6. shit commentary. i usually like db but a close game in a game 7 and the final call was thats it thats the ball game.

  7. If you ask me (I’m a raptors fan so this may be biased), if Kyle Lowry didn’t foul out then we would’ve gone to overtime

  8. Siakam managed to have the WORST FG and 3pt shooting % in the HiSTORY of the NBA playoffs….even with playing an ass Nets team that got blownout and swept in round 1. Daaaaaamn

  9. There was a call on Lowry which was his 5th foul was a dumb one. He didn’t even touch Smart and got called for a foul. It was also kind of dumb Tatum was given literal free throws at the end of the game when he fell literally on his own.

  10. I’m also pissed Fred took that horrible 3. I don’t even understand why he would run the clock down and take a shot like that

  11. Siakam is not good. Very bad decision by Masai to give the big contract, its probably a favour. Siakam is a soft man who's #1 emotion is fear.

  12. Don’t be fooled … there is a difference between “black lives matter” and BLM. As decent, law-abiding Americans, we believe that black lives matter, we believe that all lives matter, but BLM is a Marxist political movement whose mission statement is to overthrow the government and destroy America.

    BLM is choosing which lives really do matter, namely only black people killed by police officers. Why don’t the black officers who have been hurt or killed matter to BLM? Why don’t the black business owners whose properties were looted or destroyed matter to BLM? Why don’t the black children gunned down and killed in the big cities matter to BLM?

    Because the true purpose of BLM is not to end racism or police brutality, it is to burn down America, according to their leaders (three Marxists and a convicted terrorist, Susan Rosenberg).

  13. So it only matters if a black guy gets screwed over by cops? Forget you for saying that. All people fall victim to cops. Start with that and it makes more sense to demand changes. If you claim it's mostly a black issue you will lose this for all people. It takes a random person getting killed to finally notice cops bad actions against us? BLM is an embarrassment.

  14. So lemme guess we gone blame Kyrie for the way Kemba been playin right?????
    Sidenote Kyrie was a "cancer" but that cancer showed up in the playoffs but y'all won't mention that?????

  15. Now Lakers are definitely the favourite to win the title. But anything can happen in sport and I’ve seen it over and over. Hope this was a good lesson for some of my fellow Canadians who thinks we didn’t need Kawhi. Been watching this game for 20 years, there are 2 types of players, season players and playoff players. And there’s a reason why there are franchise players. Siakam is still getting stronger, Lowry is getting old, the team is solid both ways, we have a great coach but we needed that x-factor the playoff caliber players to take us there. Winning a good record is great for getting the home court advantage that’s it. Playoffs are the only thing that counts in this game. We will take Kawhi anytime. We love him up here King of the North.

  16. Last play on Powell was a foul. Should have been 2 shots. First time in NBA history a title defense did not have game 7 home court advantage. Raptors got short end of stick this year. The history books will only make note of this if Lebron loses in Game 7.

  17. Pascal and Gasol played like ass the whole series and FVV the so called "fan favorite" choked this game away Tatum,brown and Smart owns Canada

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