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Week 13 for Fantasy owners is the last game for the regular season and a lot is riding on the health and injury status players if a team is going to make the playoffs or not.

Luckily in my Fantasy league I have managed to clinch the playoff berth two weeks back but the injury of Rob Gronkowski has given me two straight losses. This doesn’t matter right now but going into playoffs this is going to hurt.

Rob Gronkowski has missed Week 11 because of chest injury, and on Week 12 he left the game against New York Jets because of back injury and have scored 0.0 for fantasy football. Rob Gronkowski might not be a factor for Week 13 but hopefully he can get back to same form starting Week 14.

Tyrell Williams shoulder injury seems to be healing up well as Chargers coach Mike McCoy said it is “good”, and just “sore”. It is still unclear whether Williams can play but in any case Dontrelle Inman can fill-in giving you 10 FF points, he did score 20+ points in Week 12.

Andrew Luck did not play in Week 12 because of concussion protocol but he seems to be alright going into Week 13, coach Chuck Pagano says he is “100 percent” and would see action against the New York Jets on Monday.

Jordan Reed injury update is that he did not practice on Monday because of his shoulder injury and it is not clear if he can play against Arizona. The next best option is Vernon Davis for the waiver wire and while Arizona has limited a lot of the TEs this season, their slumping defense in the past few games can mean productive output from Vernon.

T.Y. Hilton injury on his back may heal in time for the Indiana Colts vs New York Jets game on Monday and coach Chuck Pagano is “optimistic” on Hilton’s chances. Donte Moncrief has been on and off as a starter in Fantasy teams primarily to fill-in when T.Y. Hilton is not 100%.

Lamar Miller injury update, according to Texans coach Bill O’Brien Miller is expected to be “fine” after he tweaked his ankle on their loss against the Chargers. In case Miller can’t play, Akeem Hunt would be the next RB for fantasy owners to play.

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