5 Tips How to Wake Up Early!

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Mornings are considered as blessings, you get to wake up for a new great day. It is the perfect time for some quiet moment to think, list down to dos for the day and exercise.

But not all are morning person and super tired to wake up . It takes a lot more of a loud alarm clock to wake you up.

This winter season when the temperature is cold, most people want to just snuggle and stay on bed.

Is it as simple as getting out of that bed?

Here are some tips on how to wake up early;

  1. Get motivated and excited. What drives us in the morning to get up and get going? Your kids going to school, work, important errands, gym to workout or going to somewhere fun. If you have something to look forward to the easier and exciting to get up.
  2. Sleep early. Early to be early to rise. Adjust your sleep pattern, observe changes and do it gradually. Calculate your sleep hours, try at least have 8 to 10 hours of sleep everyday.
  3. Set an alarm, put it across your bed a little bit far from bed so the moment it alarms you will forced to get up to turn it off. Set two alarm time only (about 5-10 minutes apart), first one to prepare your inner self on waking up, the second alarm is for you to actually get up. Don’t snooze and go back to sleep.
  4. Drink water or coffee. First thing you do once up is to drink some water or coffee. These drinks helps you make feel more awake and alert.
  5. Do some warm up exercise. Jumping jacks, pushups or squats are good easy exercise in the morning. Warm ups and stretching helps your bones, muscles and nerves ready for the day. Continue workout in the gym or run outside in the park (if your time permits).

Be consistent on these steps until it became a habit.

Remember as they say, “Early bird catches the worm”.

Enjoy rising with the sun.


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