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Check out some of the best highlights from Luka’s first NBA preseason! Subscribe to the NBA: For news, stories, highlights and more, go to …

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This NBA’s video is titled Best of Luka Doncic | 2018 NBA Preseason and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:03:52, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. Q : who is ben simmons?
    A : ROTY 2018
    Q : He can shoot?
    A : no he cant, and who is Doncic?
    Q : a full premium packages with capability of jumper and 3p.
    A : sad simmons robbing roty title.

  2. He shot 30% from three last year in Europe on a shorter 3 point line. What people don't understand is that the lack of a defender’s respect of Luka's jump shot (he isn't a great shooter YET) will negatively affect his teammates as double teams will come fast and often for his teammates (think Ricky Rubio in Minnesota ) and it also reduces spacing for teammates to cut and move in on offense (which is crucial in the NBA where offenses are often based on pace and space and the defenses are much more complex and are quicker to close out on players) and also negates the best parts of his game which are his vision and ability to create off the bounce. I believe that even if he never developed a solid 3 point shot he would still be a very good and effective NBA player, but if he develops the skill (which includes speeding up that release which is terribly slow right now) and most importantly the confidence in his 3 point shot he has the potential to be the next European legend to come play ball here in the states. I wish Doncic luck and I hope he turns out to be the player Dallas envisions when they drafted him.

  3. congrads to dallas getting a slower toni kukoc. Way overrated. he runs like a old man. If those are his highlights its gonna be long season for him.

  4. First off if your the sensitive type stop reading this now. Go find your safe space. Of course the Atl Hawks drafted then traded him. About time we got some players white people can identify with. As a matter of fact im calling for it to be 50/50 whites & blacks. Thats how we role in America now days. Dont get triggered either snowflakes.

  5. kid has potential… 🙂 we'll see how it looks about 40 games into teh season, I don't think he's going to fail -AT ALL… he'll just get better and notch it up continuously…

  6. I love his energy, he looks really like someone who loves the game and not just someone born with crazy athletic gifts, but no drive for the game

  7. this is the next Drazen Petrovic and if YOU dont know who that was ,..then get lost

  8. Great player. Super smart..reminds of manu moves but jason kidd court vision. He looks a lil heavy though. He needs to lose 15-20 lbs

  9. Letsss go Luka Don?i?! BTW im Slovenian and Luka is Slovenian too.?e ste slu?ajno dal na prevajalnik veste zdaj

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