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The first of five NBA previews from The Starters. The guys start tackling 50 burning questions about the upcoming 2018-2019 season: Who is the biggest …

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  1. yoyoyoyoyoyoyyoyoyoyoyyo attack of the french tickle-ah comin at you live from domnboro ville i wanted to shout out to max power, and the man under the searching sky. i find sometimes a full moon to cast an ideal light under which i tend to alleviate mine varied stresses through a generous application of some of the world's finest elder berry spritz lotion, infused with coconut innards, and the larynx of a young goat. these remedies can be purchased at my site. me and my staff are currently working on establishing a workable web based site which we expect the public to be able to visit generally within the next 72 months or so. until then, you can find our site to be located…right….behind….YOU!

    YAAAAAAYYYYY goo starters! and welcome to the nba ya bunch of hosers. Canada's gonna reign supreme this year baby. we're taking the cup. we're taking the larry. we're taking ya wife. so go hide ya wife. go hide ya fam. cuz canada is gone be reign supreme. the supreme dream of cream you know all aint as it seems i just would love to shout out from canada to all you hosers out there, starters are truth, starters are life, their words are the nourishing nectar which invigorates my crippled soul after a prolonged drought of basketball less existence through the hard months of august AND september

    god bless you four gentlemen, the service which you have provided to the community is one who's signficance can not be overstated. you truly are a ray of light in this dismal existence we live as mere serial numbered cogs in the penultimate machine of monotony that through it's profit seeking mannerisms sets about the complete and utter destruction of all we know and hold dear

    May the starters save us in this, our hour of most dire need!

  2. The Starters
    please tell me who gave you this job? from all the shows on espn and offical nba site your show is the only one where you hear this kind of bullshit. i dont know the name of the guy with glasses. but not long ago that guy was saying oh i dont know how good Don?i? is he was not playing in summer league. really? cos Luka was not playing in fucking summer league! glasses guy you dont know how good Luka is cos he was not playing in fucking summer league? wtf is wrong with you?! then you guys talk like all this stuff Luka did in europe means nothing?! are you kidding me. do you guys know how much better the level in EuroLeage is compared to college and fucking summer league. gusss you dont. so let me tell you. europe is big. and from all those countries in europe only top 16 teams in entire europe play in EuroLeage. Real Madrid should never won the EuroLeage last season but they did. why? because of Luka Don?i?. the kid was MVP. fucking MVP at 19! and you guys are we dont know how good he is cos he didnt play in summer league. a fucking summer league! Slovenia should never won Eurobasket but they did.why? because Luka Don?i?. yes Dragi? was the best player at Eurobasket by far but Slovenia would never beat Latvia if it wasnt for Luka. it was Luka who stoped Porzingis. with everything Luka did and you guys still not sure if Luka is any good? wow

  3. Luka getting WAYYYYY overestimated. Rookie of the year gonna be Ayton – an offensive monster.
    Bamba – a defensive monster
    Or Trae Young – hawks are gonna let him run the team right off the bat and they got nothing to lose so expect big numbers.

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