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The second of five NBA previews from The Starters. The guys continue tackling 50 burning questions about the upcoming 2018-2019 season: Are the Celtics the …

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This NBA’s video is titled NBA Season Preview Part 2 – The Starters and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:23:17, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Kd offers a little more defensively. One guy is a fringe top 10 defender abd the other plays 0 defense lmao. Stop it, Kd is easily the best player in the league.

  2. Whole celtics bench>>giannis jist look at last uear how is he going to win mvp when he cant beat the second squad

  3. Just wondering – everybody seems to agree that the Raptors are going to be better this year with Kawhi replacing DeMar – we won 59 games and finished 2nd in the NBA last season, we also added a sick 3 and D player in Danny Green. Our younger players in OG and Pascal are likely to take it up a notch and we have the rest of the bench mob mostly in tack except for Jacob being replaced by Monroe. Yet the over under odds I've seen so far has us at about 54 wins this season??? (thanks for that, I'm about to bank on it) Question is – how many wins to you guys figure Boston and Philly going to need to become the #1 seed.
    (warning – huge rant upcoming_)

    Unless I'm missing the point of the question and you are only talking about final playoff results where the refereeing comes in at key moments (going back years but most recently) most recently the flagrant elbow by K.Love – would've iced game 1, (NOT REVIEWED – for #F$@$ everything is reviewed it's ridiculous – but not that???? right but the league after the game reviewed it and said … uhmm yeah flagrant…thanks eh, but a bit late, free throws and the ball gives us a 1-0 lead in the series and a mental edge)… game 2, Lebron charge called a block – yikes, a bit later same play (which was the right call by the way but hey… wtf? Lowry picks up his third for charging after having picked up his 2nd for drawing a charge… gross) – well there you go again, morale out the window, game set match … series sweep – it's that simple, we were better and did in fact win the first 6 quarters of that series with terrible biased refereeing)… but now we have Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard – cold tagger like players that will fight through that shit and show why the Spurs have been so good for so long…. Please, Celtics ARE NOT BETTER THAN THE RAPTORS – this narrative is kind of making me sick – we are going to maul teams this year even more than we did last year and we killed everybody last year – IT'S TIME FOR SOME REAL MTF RESPECT – NBA WAKE TFUp – let the players and teams decide who will play for the championship….

  4. These guys flip a coin before the show to determine the cross fire winner. It’s rarely the guy who actually has a good argument

  5. i just would love to shout out from canada to all you hosers out there, starters are truth, starters are life, their words are the nourishing nectar which invigorates my crippled soul after a prolonged drought of basketball less existence through the hard months of august AND september

    god bless you four gentlemen, the service which you have provided to the community is one who's signficance can not be overstated. you truly are a ray of light in this dismal existence we live as mere serial numbered cogs in the penultimate machine of monotony that through it's profit seeking mannerisms sets about the complete and utter destruction of all we know and hold dear

    May the starters save us in this, our hour of most dire need!

  6. poor mans steve nash, poor mans former partner from suits that tried to backstab harvey and jessica, poor mans john oliver…and then the one guy middle-right who is actually pretty good This show is pretty shit over all.

  7. man i'm sick af right now with a sore throat, and just binge watching all of these videos, thank you starters!

  8. How do they just completely ignore the raptors when last year they were by far the best in the east and had the most wins and added kawhi … They had the best off season in the east….

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