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On Thursday’s show, the guys discuss Derrick Rose’s 50-point night, J.R. Smith asking the Cavs to trade him, and Spencer Dinwiddie’s vendetta against the …

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  1. This is a NBA show & Skeets brings up a rape case? Cmon, that's just ridiculous!
    Just respect D Rose for what he has accomplished after all the tough years & injuries that he had.
    It's only basketball to Skeets, but it's a job & the life is on the line for D Rose & all other NBA players.

  2. ya im done watching the starters that D rose comment was very out of place and just odd and he was never found guilty so i dont really understand what hes tryna get at like D rose must of fucked his bitch or something because idk he is so pissed

  3. Came from SDC. F*CK YOU! To anyone whos reading this, check out SDC on youtube and go watch his latest video and see how the nba is ripping money off of even the smallest youtubers.

  4. It was good to see the sexual assault case brought up in regards to Derrick Rose along with the notion of man vs athlete. I would say that in the same breath, wheres these same feelings towards Kobe? Ive never once heard any of The Starters being conflicted on Kobe the athlete vs Kobe the adulterer/accused sexual assaulter. He admitted to putting his hands around her neck (leaving bruising) and talking about paying her off to be quiet.

  5. bring the sexual assault charge is uncalled for. career ending injuries is basketball related and do affect your ability to score 50 points, thus it's taking into place. being accused of sexual assault has nothing to do with your on-court abilities and can be separated when you discuss a scoring accomplishment.

  6. I think 99% of NBA fans think the hardship was the numerous injuries he had. This is the first time I saw anyone bring up the trial? Not sure why there was even the need. Tas and Lee looked awkward even discussing it. Just let D Rose have his moment and let the courts decide his punishment. Let's not punish D Rose the night after a 50 point game

  7. Hey Skeets, all the tweets you saw doesn't represent the thought of the world. They are just the opinions of people who think similarly to you. I saw no mention of it until I watched this video. And I never heard you criticize Kobe when he scored 61 against the Jazz.

  8. Absolutely love Skeets and respect his decision to bring up the Rose case however he was proven innocent. Can't we just appreciate a brilliant night for Rose after all he has been through?

  9. this the reason why I hate these white unthletic journalists who've never played sports in their life try and ruin Derrick Rose 50 point night by bringing up his rape case then saying he won't go into detail, what a clown

  10. Skeets…

    your logic is severely flawed in this case. Here are the options following your argument:

    1) Rose is innocent: then he's been through even more than the injuries but even the injuries alone should be reason enough to be in awe of his performance and respect/praise it instead of throwing shade on a super-impressive moment.
    2) Rose is found guilty in the second trial: then the whole case is nothing he has been through, it's the woman in that case and he deserves the punishment. Consequently the expression 'all he's been through' refers to his injuries alone. Whichever it is, his 50 point game is a basketball moment alone.

    The only weird thing here is people assuming guilt (and deciding to bring it up when that dude finally catches a break and gets some praise) despite a jury unanimously finding the allegations not credible, a jury who unlike us knows the details of the case, a jury of predominantly women by the way. It's weird (pathetic/hypocrite/disgusting, choose what you like) to bring it up in a way like it's up to every individual to decide whether his 50 point performance is worth less because there have been allegations that have been found not credible and furthermore are totally unrelated to basketball. It's even weirder (more pathetic/hypocrite/disgusting…) to ruin that amazing basketball moment not only for DRose, not only for his fans but for all basketball fans in general while not bringing up allegations and off-court stains every time you talk about Karl Malone (who got multiple disgraceful stains that aren''t even up for debate) or any other player where there have been allegations against them but they were found/proven innocent.

    Absolutely disgusted by your words and your double standard. It's NOT okay to be a member of the media and ask the audience to make up their own verdict about a man who has been proven innocent unanimously by a jury that's familiar with the case, ignore that in order to disregard anything positive that man does.

    Looking for another show now that gives DRose the respect he deserves for his career high.

  11. thank you Skeets for shining a light on the darkness that has surrounded Rose for the last several years. he's no role model and a lot of sports fans really struggle seperating the man from the player. not saying it's wrong to root for Rose, but people should do so knowing about his off-court antics.

  12. Props to Skeets for addressing a tough issue in sports. Regardless of what you think of the man or the case, it's important that these things are discussed and most broadcasts wouldn't have the courage to do it.

  13. I’m thankful most nba talk shows aren’t glossing over his court case. It’s ridiculously sad how many dudes are getting all salty about it still being a necessary conversation to have

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