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On Friday’s episode of the show, the guys check the polls to see if the Rockets are still the Warriors’ biggest competition, whether the Spurs or Clippers are more …

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This NBA’s video is titled NBA Daily Show: Nov. 16 – The Starters and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:22:48, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Lol wish Draymond would get traded to some trash team and show everyone how overrated he is without 30 stars around him

  2. I'm a D green fan, but he doesn't deserve 200M, he isn't that good. I'd rather have Boogie, trade him if he makes it hard for the warriors

  3. Give credit to the Mavericks! Utah didn't lose to themselves, the Mavs played great. Everyone who played scored, and they held the Jazz to 68… What's up with your disregard with Dallas? In the last episode, even with DSJ putting to rest the rumour about DeAndre, you still give the benefit of the doubt to that hack Macmahon.

  4. I'll be happy if KD goes to the lakers, doubt itll happens but at this point I think it was add some parity to the league

  5. LeBrons only chance at beating the warriors is if draymond plays for LA. with luke and draymond knowing how GS operates, it would be fun to watch.

  6. Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas nooo! LMAO ! Tas is the worst of the week. Please Tas give yourself the worst of the week next time please. Lol

  7. 72% dont' believe rockets are gsw's biggest threat? ya'll a bunch of haters. what other team is good enough to beat them??

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