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On Tuesday’s episode of the show, the guys discuss the Wizards saying they’ve moved on from conflict, the latest drama with Fultz’s shoulder, and if J.R. Smith’s …

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  1. can somebody how the grizzlies are a surprise. they are a good team when healthy, they werent last year and now they are. i feel like we shouldve expected an improvement since they are healthy now.

  2. Fuck as a raptors fan I had to watch a preseason game Raps Clippers with the Clippers broadcast and it was just BINGO every 20 seconds fml

  3. It becoming more and more possible that KD, after winning his third straight NBA championship, leaves Golden State to find a team with less drama and spotlight, even if that means walking away from more rings, just to preserve his sanity.

  4. I don't think there's anything wrong with Fultz's shoulder. Too many people are in his ear on how he should shoot. He needs to turn off all social media accounts, meditate and work with a real shooting specialist who's associated with the NBA. That new free throw ritual he decided to put up last week was absolutely atrocious.

  5. Hol up nowwwww 9:17 my guy goes " we fucking went through this"….. What happened to my Christian Minecraft server ahhh my gentle ears

  6. Props to the Starters for clarifying they didn't create the term wedgie. Most shows would've ran with their fans believing they started it

  7. Lou will: 'hits a tough three'

    Ralph Lawler:
    Don't say it
    don't say it
    don't say it
    don't say it
    don't say it


  8. @11:25 That's a nice move by Kempa. He puts his head down so you think he will accelerate and go to the hoop, but he was kinda faking it all along and was ready with the quick pull up.. Might try it out.

  9. Shoulders are so touchy. If you don't know rotary cuffs, you shouldn't speak. You should know tho. It's the most common injury in sports.

  10. come back to this tweet next year. Wizards trades Wall and Porter for 1st round picks during off-season. Sign KD. with the pitch that roster that only has Beal Howard Mahinmi & Brown. he gets to have a hand in the rest of the roster like LBJ did. he gets own team in his home town

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