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On Tuesday’s Election Day special, The Starters check the polls in regards to whether Jamal Murray was disrespectful, which team is the biggest train wreck, and …

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This NBA’s video is titled NBA Daily Show: Nov. 6 – The Starters and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:23:26, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. I love Grant Hill. But everyone has their own opinions, my leading ROY race is Deandre Ayton because he averages 16 and 11 as a rookie and dude is a monster already in his first year. People might disagree with me but I have him winning rookie of the year

  2. The shot against Murray is ridiculous, not only was it his first attempt at 50 points but if he made it then he would have had the highest scoring game of ANY Canadian player.

  3. "Why wasn't Kyrie playing a little defence?"

    Wasn't his man, Tas. He was on the other side completely. Don't obfuscate it more than you have to. But anyway even if Kyrie was petty, it's normal gentleman's rules not to do that. Everyone took the Raptors' side when Lance Stephenson did it to them last year.

  4. Just another reason not to like Kyrie Irving. It's always both laughable and pathetic when grown men get upset because a player who scored a whole bunch of points on their team tries to set some sort of scoring record. Here's an idea for all the people like Irving who are crying about it – why didn't you try and stop him getting to 48 points in the first place?

  5. He took the shot where it didn’t extend the game…
    It’s not like it had a chance to go out of bounds, someone to get an extra rebound.
    It is a rule that you don’t go for it, but he’s trying to get 50…

    Edit: and he’s trying to get 50 in front of his home crowd.
    Esp after all these other players are getting 50

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