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On Friday’s episode of the show, the guys discuss what’s up with the struggling Rockets, why the Bucks are thriving, and the ‘City Edition’ jerseys. They also pick …

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This NBA’s video is titled NBA Daily Show: Nov. 9 – The Starters and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:22:14, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. I have not idea what’s wrong with rocket … all Chinese rockets fans feel so disappointed zzzzz … I think 2 issues, CP3 Max contract … Carmelo Df … well … maybe 3 , Capella does not protect the pain well like last year .. like someone says , Contract Year is the best coach for any player .

  2. why is always everyone refering to: its a young team that needs to learn to play together … heard it bout wolves and suns and so forth … a young team that shows promise looks like celtics before Kyrie was there ….

  3. Okay, gonna give some love to OKC. Sure, their schedule wasn't that tough but a 7-0 streak while dealing with issues/injuries to 4 of their starters remains impressive. Adams beasting and their defense is fun to watch. Go Thunder!

  4. Wherever Melo goes he fucks shit up. The rockets were fine last year, and they trade young good players for that old waaay overrated piece of shit. Now they reap "the rewards" from that decision 😀 😀 😀

  5. Giannis is scoring less cause he is playing less

  6. I'm not sure what they are watching on the Chris Paul tech. They keep calling it a dribble. It makes me think these guys have never played basketball. That is a fake pass and players do it all the time. I played all the way through college and when players are just shooting around they do it. It's a fake pass and you can't do that to a ref. Alot of people flinch at that. Paul wanted to make the ref look bad and flinch. Deserved a tech

  7. As a Bucks fan, I remember a lot of people were unhappy with them letting Jabari go and upset thinking that Ersan and Lopez couldn't fix it. Boy, did they fix it. Jabari was effortless and played poor defense. Sure he could shoot, but his rebounding and defense were consistent. He also hardly took charges. Ersan averages almost 2 or 3 per night. Bucks heavily improved.

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