Watch NBA Vince Carter Surpasses 25,000 Career Points with a SLAM! | November 21, 2018

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On a dunk with .5 seconds left in the game Vince Carter became the 22nd player in NBA history to record 25000+ career points. Carter finished the game with 14 …

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This NBA’s video is titled Vince Carter Surpasses 25,000 Career Points with a SLAM! | November 21, 2018 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:04:14, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. Toronto should take vince back as experience skill player for the playoff and it will be great if he finish with the raptor and still have gas in the tank

  2. Upmost respect for this guy! Vince Carter is and always will be the dunk God!!!!!!!!!! How fitting he scored his 25,000th point with what he does best! My favorite NBA team was always the team he suited up for!

  3. My favorite is at 0:56 when Vince misses the shot and both Nick Nurse and Jonas Valanciunas on the Raptors bench react with disappointment. Class act by the Raptors treating such a legend with respect.

  4. I'm pretty sure both Monroe and Richardson chose not to contest the final dunk once they saw who was taking off, and while Boucher jumped he quickly pulled his hand back once he realized the situation. Class act by the Raptors all around as the game was already decided, so no harm in letting a legendary player reach a career milestone at the end of the game in front of his home crowd.

  5. He just achieved something only 22 people in the history of this planet have ever achieved and the best thing you got is: "the dunk champion that you are" Facepalm I think you mean: "one of the greats that you are." That was a fucking cheap shop if I've ever seen one, especially since it is widely known Carter does not want to be known as just a dunker, even early in his career he got tired of people referring to him as just that and said he wont dunk again because of it. Who the fuck are these troll producers that write these scripts? He won a dunk competition years ago when he was just a kid, and now he's played 20 years and become much more than that, so have some fucking respect and acknowledged it. He's one of the best ever to play the game and not just "the dunker that you are", you whore.

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