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  1. People today like to talk about "Basketball IQ" — well Larry Bird was Albert Einstein. And I say that as a lifelong Knicks fan who hated everything Boston.

  2. If Bird was black hed get more respect. Just another example of white privilege. And for all you morons out there the second sentence is called sarcasm.

  3. It's a shame that there is only one guy in the GOAT conversation that could be described as a reluctant passer, and THATS the guy everyone says is the GOAT! I would have much rather Bird and Magic had remained the role models for the next generation of players.

  4. There is nothing that increases the basketball spectacle more than having to beat a clogged paint, having to drive through multiple defenders in limited space. Fuck pace and space

  5. It was once said that the day Buddy Holly died, so did the music, When Larry Bird retired, the game of basketball died….Basket ball is dead to me now, over run by thugs and winers…good ridence !

  6. Did he play basketball, volleyball, baseball, football or swimming?? Certainly a mix of all theses sports. Such an incredible basketball IQ… He used that he needed with his heart. The smartest player of all time for me. A french trainer…

  7. When I think of other great passers like Magic, or Kidd, or Lebron, and even Jordan, (people sleep on what a great passer he was!) Bird had the quickest passes. A lot of the time he is just batting the ball perfectly. I was not a Bird fan, but in a short window there was no one better.

  8. We tried copying him in high school. I started playing like him – diving for loose balls and making long passes like that. I was soon called “Bird Man”. Loved watching him.

  9. Contrary to popular opinion, Bird was not a basketball player. He was a magician who just happened to be in the NBA.

  10. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were the first guys who said "yea, I'm gonna pass, and I'm gonna pass it to make you look like a jackass.

  11. Larry Bird is probably the greatest passer in NBA history to go along with being one of the two best shooters. Bird HAS to be in the All-Time Top 5 of NBA players. That over-the-head, behind-the-back pass to McHale is maybe the greatest pass I’ve ever seen.

  12. 4:50 – DJ throws down a dunk. He had some funny running bet where he had to throw down one dunk a year.. although he rarely showed it, DJ had serious vert.

  13. Slick. Absolutely slick. He plays with such amazing situational awareness. His movements are like a rattlesnake, dead nuts accurate and lightning quick with the minimal amount of energy needed to get the ball in the hoop. His opponents look like the mouse after it got hit with venom from a bite that took a tenth of a second.

  14. You will not find tape of Larry, or Magic, or MJ, or Kobe ever doing what Lebron did when JR Smith dribbled away regulation time, failing to use a timeout: CRY and bury his head in a towel, the complete look of DEFEAT & DESPAIR…. Much less, in a game that was TIED!!!!

  15. You will also not find them repeatedly in their careers throw their current teammates under the bus with disrespect, very publicly saying things like “Get me a f—-ing playmaker!” …… Lebron is a tremendous player who has played at a very high level for an incredible length of time. No denying it. ….. But there’s also no denying that he lacks the consistent, unstoppable, unquenchable will to prevail at all times, at whatever cost & without complaint, that those other greats had. … THAT is the biggest difference: Lebron’s wilting under adversity, at multiple crucial moments in his career. Crying, demanding trades that would give him superteams, obsession with number of rings & his “legacy.” The A-Rod of basketball.

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