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Check out some of the best highlights from LeBron and D-Wade going head to head throughout the years! Subscribe to the NBA: For news, …

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This NBA’s video is titled LeBron James vs Dwyane Wade | Career Duel and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:03:06, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. Its a shame that they never went head to head in the playoffs. Gonna miss D. Wade! Him, Jordan, A.I & J-Will are the reasons why I fell in love with basketball.

  2. We need more of these! Shaq V Mourning! Barkley V Malone! Stockton V Payton! Dominique V Larry! Amare V Dwight! Iverson V Marbury.. & so on!

  3. Wade is so underrated. His knees were just bad. It's not like he pulled a Carmelo and didn't take care of his body, he just got unlucky. And for Lebron obviously he is a true legend…

  4. I'm so lucky that I witnessed Kobe and Shaq, I witnessed Jordan and Pippen and I witnessed Lebron and Wade. I'm glad I watched NBA basketball but at the same time I feel so old lol ?

  5. The 2 best men of the era, plus the history of basketball, but the real top 10 of all time is prime DWade #1, lebron #2, KD #3, Kyrie #4, Westbrook #5, curry #6, harden #7, MJ #8, Kobe #9, AI #10 (based of true skill, abilities, talent, accomplishments, and performance against other legends)

  6. Why do people still say when lebron came the nba wasn’t physical that shit was hard asl too score

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