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On Wednesday’s episode of the show, the guys debate the Clippers’ plan to sign both Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant, the number of statues the Warriors plan …

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This NBA’s video is titled NBA Daily Show: Dec. 12 – The Starters and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:22:51, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. That Mills-Belinelli connection is good, but Barea & Harris do that (surprise backdoor cut) almost every game and you never mention them, Leigh.
    And no Mavs love on their current surge– Luka's 11-0 run, our bench, HB, etc… You replace actual basketball discussion with statue talk. I mean the Warriors deserve their accolades and all, but to talk about them every single episode and talking as if they've already won the 2019 title is really tiring. A lot can happen in 6months. And there are 29 other teams to feature. Disappointed with you guys.

  2. Boys, Gobert was not ranting. Leigh had the right of it.
    He explained/justified his own behavior; it puts the "ball" in the ref's court now, so to speak.
    This is standard league politics as a season progresses.

  3. These guys need to stop with the "he needs to stop ranting it'll make the refs call him more"
    Well maybe the refs shouldn't target someone cause he calls their pro fragile egos out.

  4. This is a nice show. Not taking yourselves too seriously while doing some anaylsis, discussing current hot topics etc. Keep up the good work.

  5. so if the referees are continue to be dumb they just gonna take it? When is the nba start to fire some dumb rubbish refs that ruin the game? bloody idiot refs

  6. I'm a Warriors fan (since '04), but also as a fan of the NBA in general, the happiest ending to the dynasty to me would be for them to complete the three-peat, and Durant go to the Clippers to give LeBron some completion. Durant is probably only behind LeBron in the world, and I'm obviously glad he joined the Warriors, but he's not essential to the identity of the team, and I could do for a season where the Warriors aren't steamrolling everybody.

  7. Nah kd recently praised the kings players and coach on a podcast he is going to bring his talents to the capital city……………….one can dream right.

  8. This is the first time ever I disliked something S. Adams did .. That was a terribly dangerous play for no reason rly
    Also fuck those refs for not seeing that ..
    Doesn't matter if he was being whiny before, that's a dangerous play, and the only reason you hold on to an arm like that is to attempt to pull it out of the socket. And you only have to get it pulled out once to have it become a very vulnerable spot, you can ask KLove ..

  9. I can't believe they discussed a 4 man Spurs statue with Pop, Tim, Manu and Tony, and totally left out The Admiral. SMH ????

  10. I hate to say it but Kawhi and KD won’t be teammates anytime soon. KD’s comments about Kawhi being a system player pissed Kawhi off so maybe KD goes and Kawhi stays?

  11. Kawhi Leonaard Doesnt Like Durant, it's not happening lol. they might get ONE of them tho, I'd bet Durant over Kawhi tbh.

  12. Refs. Arent. Sacred! It´s just as easy!
    Shout out to Rudy. He´s doing everything right. The Refs and the league are wrong. And they need to change something!

  13. i just hate it when the two major discussions of the show are just about speculations! That just doesn't seem right. There are so many teams they never talk about…that would be a lot more appropriate. Stay in the present, guys!

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