Watch NBA Full Game Recap: Kings vs Pistons | Hield Wins It At The Buzzer

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The Kings close the game on a 22-8 run, capped by a leaning three-pointer from Buddy Hield as time expired, giving the Kings a 103-101 win over the Pistons in …

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This NBA’s video is titled Full Game Recap: Kings vs Pistons | Hield Wins It At The Buzzer and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:25, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Why spoil it in the title? Also, the first highlight repeats itself. Also, the Pistons announcer sucks ass. I'll take Grant and Doug any day.

  2. I really lost my respect for Blake during this game. He was nasty and rude towards the female ref. I mean I didn’t like some of her calls; however, he didn’t need to stare her down and give her more of a hard time in comparison to the male ref. It sorta feel like he’s not afraid of talking down to her and disrespecting her for being a female referee in the men nba. Tsk tsk tsk

  3. Buddy Hield was just spotted still running on I-40 outside of St. Louis, Mo. He should be back in Sacramento on Wednesday evening.

  4. eerie when @ 4:39 when commentator is saying "beautiful feed, beautiful feed there" while the cheersquad is showing but play on-ball in

  5. These Detroit announcers deserve some credit for pulling for their squad, but also not being crazy homers. They make the Warriors broadcasters look like fucking amateurs. I hope you Pistons fans know how good your TV dudes are.

  6. Those commentators are trash as hell. Buddy hits a one footed game winner through 3 players and they just talk about how the kings didn’t deserve to win?

  7. Pistons fan need stop crying about a double dribble call along with Blake griffin never shutting his mouth ? you guys were up 14 points 6 minutes left and y’all couldnt close It out, they deserve to lose lol . They scored one time in the last 4 minutes ????? choke job . Even if it ever was a double dribble it wasn’t obvious enough or the refs would have blew the whistle
    Stop crying ??

  8. Buddy was ON FIRE! Blake was too but Buddy’s three-pointers were UNSTOPPABLE!
    GO KINGS!!!!!!!! We are back BABY!!!

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