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The Celtics defeated the Pacers, 135-108 tonight in Boston. Jaylen Brown (7-12 FG) and Marcus Morris (6-8 FG) both led the Celtics with 22 points each, while …

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  1. The Celtics are like a well oiled engine now. This coach Brad Stevens is teaching them all the fundementals. Unless they suffer some serious injurys its just a matter of time before they take over first place. They are not just winning now, but winning by an average of over 20 points per game. Whatever problems they had before, are now history. The great part is they are mostly young players. Danny has put together a great team, and with 4 first round picks coming up, the sky's the limit.

  2. Everyone was saying "The Celtics play so much better without Kyrie Irving… ball movement etc."
    When the real issue was "Young players need to pass and move off the ball WHILE Irving is playing!"

  3. These games aren't too concerning because I know the Celtics potential is getting to the Finals. The real issue will be, when the players are comfortable with each other, what roles will the play when we start battling the top teams?

    When you have 5-6 future all stars running around with Horford, Smart and Williams playing stifling defense, its real easy to have that feeling of "You step up! No, after you sir." mentality. But when Raptors or Bucks come back again and these standings start to pressure the Celtics, who did not help themselves with the early season play, who is going to step up knocking down those shots on the 2nd team? Who is going to be physical inside when Irving sits. If Irving is facilitating and shots aren't going down, does this team chemistry change when he has to take over the last two quarters?

    Does Heyward start taking more shots then Tatum? Who I feel the need for draining 3s off the pick is more important to this team and is it possible to have 4 shooters in rhythm each game? I think they have evolved even moreso to what they were last year. But I still don't know if the young guys can play different roles and be good at it every single game.

    Irving clearly saved his bullets, but I'm hoping the kids play like this when Irving might need to take over games, but they still need to keep up the hustle and get ready to step up when needed.

  4. Kyrie improved lebron dribbling, he improved smart, Tatum, Morris, and brown dribbling you can see the quick thinking in their ball movement.
    Lbj still #1
    Kawhi #2 kd#2
    Steph #3
    Kyrie #3
    Ad #4 harden#4
    Great Freak #5

  5. Players MUST understand that team play is more effective than playing selfish basketball. The Celtics dismantled the Pacers. The Celtics had rhythm and confidence. It felt like they were scoring at will. They are also attacking with BALANCE. Brown and Tatum took mid range shots and attacked the basket aggressively. Horford was facilitating but also took his shots, Irving spread the floor and found open players while cutting any life support from the Pacers. Smart is always Smart and now that he is feeling it from long range is even better. Now, the bottom line is that the Celtics made the shots that the Pacers couldnt (credit to good def), The Celtics SHOT OVER 50% they hit over 44% of their 32 3pt attempts and 85% plus from the line. It is difficult to beat a team with those stats.

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