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On Thursday’s episode of the show, the guys discuss if Dwyane Wade is gonna start the All-Star Game, whether the Bucks figured out how to slow James …

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This NBA’s video is titled NBA Daily Show: Jan. 10 – The Starters and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:22:53, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. D wade does not deserve to be a starter. And to all selfish people who says all-star is for the fans, you all forgetting that it is also for the players and for them to feel appreciated with their work that season. If you all gonna argue that it is for the fans and they should see what they want to see then zaza shouldve been an all-star for years

  2. Dirk sucks, And so all you know its not about who starts the game its who finishing the game the best players will play in the end, this guy secretly has to hate Wade lol smh,

  3. I'm a DWade fan but If you think he should get a legacy vote then the amount of all star appearances should be irrelevant when determining a great player.

  4. Yeah sure let's just not appreciate all the effort and numbers that Dwade put up in the last decade, neither his 3 ring, 12 all stars and yeah skeets the third best SG in the history of the league. He never carry about basketball, the community on around Miami, never ever receive a pay cut, time and time again and could never gather enough all stars level players besides Shaq one time and Lebron and Cris Bosch. Cause he is not that big of a deal, besides being the symbol of the Miami Heat. I'm sure nobody count on all of that when you are voting for all star.

  5. Skeets is not a true NBA fan! I don't know what are his personal reasons for not wanting to see DWade play his final All-Star Game! Also, why is he mad at D-Rose for receiving that many votes? Because some players deserve it more than him? Who? Westbrook? Harden? Yes, those two may be better than Rose now, but the fact that Rose overcome a lot of injuries, depression, and career downfall just to come back this season and show that he still got IT, the way Rose did it surpasses everything that Harden, Russ, Steph are doing on court! Because for him to overcome those things, means he deserves to be an All-Star this season!

  6. Have Dirk and Vince said it’s their last season ? I think voting would be different if they did, plus they’re both older guys they may just want to rest for a few days, each to their own but I want to see d Wade for the last time in an ASG

  7. If the NBA wants fans to vote for all star players, why the hell do all of their "experts" complain about it on every show. Fans don't just care about the stats.. They wanna see their favorite players play in the all star game.. Get over the fanvotes and move on.. God

  8. You guys should be talking about what a joke the All Star game has turned into over the years. Most of the players don't play like they even care imo.

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