Watch NBA Kyrie Irving's Best Handle From Every Game Of The 2018-19 Season

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This NBA’s video is titled Kyrie Irving's Best Handle From Every Game Of The 2018-19 Season and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:08:50, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. Many people neglect the main use of handles in basketball, some think of it as just a flashy way to distract and awe, but others like Kyrie understand when and how to effectively use a handle to create space to allow him to finish, pass, or shoot. This is why Kyrie is so great, and why I have so much respect for him and his game.

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  3. But can he carry a team like me tho? I single-handedly brought Thunder to the playoffs during season 16/17. I'm the best point guard this whole universe has ever seen.

  4. You can see that the Mamba told him not to waste any time or effort on scoring.create space, getting open spots and good layups..Hope for some more DETAILS byKobe during the playoffs

  5. Kyrie not only got the best handles in the game but I think you can make the argument he has the best handles of all time – Only guys ahead of him are Pistol Pete/ Isiah Thomas (Pistons), Shammgod and Maybe JWill.

  6. Dam….I love how Marv says YES! love how Mike Breen says BANG! love how the announcer for the bucks says GIANNIS!!….and I’m from Brooklyn…but I miss the announcer from Boston saying Kyrie! ????????

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