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On Friday’s episode of the show, the guys debate if Kyrie Irving is re-signing with the Celtics, whether Rudy Gobert is the biggest All-Star snub, and the All-Star …

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  1. Gobert felt like he disapointed his mom, why the hell would you laugh at that? The warriors need to get called out for that sort of behaviour. I dont care that they are ruining the NBA by being a superteam, but please behave like decent human beings.

  2. I predict a spike in Gobert's metrics post the ASG. The Stifle Tower is crying mad. Nobody wanted to face him on court anyway, this is going to get ugly entertaining 🙂 We will see a lot of 20/20/5 games as well. He will carry the Jazz to the playoffs.

  3. Look, if the players keep acting like ''Oh I may not stay here''..there what are the options for a team to have a long term setup. I mean if a team is gonna have to worry about their supposed Key player gonna leave the next year…NO team other than the bandwagons can build on anything.

    And of course FUCK THE WARRIORS and their asshole reactions. Bandwagoning assholes.

  4. The Knicks think that they are gonna get a superstar this offseason cuz they have all this money. But the thing is, someone like Kevin Durant wouldn't sign there. He would rather win a championship with $5 million less than lose 75 times a season.

  5. Gobert is kind of overreacting in my opinion, just take it on the chin and use the snub as motivation to bust out next season and develop his game into something better than it already is right now.

  6. Gobert is right! The NBA only cares about putting asses in the seats but they are destroying the game, the whole fucking game! You can't even play defense no more…shit is a joke

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