Watch NBA BUCKS vs HAWKS | Trae Young Comes Up Clutch For Atlanta | March 31, 2019

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Trae Young caught a deflected pass intended for John Collins, and in one motion, dropped in a short jumper in the lane as time expired to lift the Hawks to a …

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This NBA’s video is titled BUCKS vs HAWKS | Trae Young Comes Up Clutch For Atlanta | March 31, 2019 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 9:29, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Huge bucks fan from Milwaukee but I still smiled when I saw Trae Young do that to us at the end!
    Good game!

  2. By far the best buzzer beater this year, even way better than the one Rajon Rondo had against the Celtics this year.

  3. Watch "Magic & LeQueen" will try to get YOUNG … because the Le-ech needs to feed off the success of Star Players

  4. Everyone forgetting Anderson’s stellar performance? Love his hustle and he was rewarded for it tonight

  5. Well that was some thievery! 1.1 seconds left and the Hawks inbound the ball and no time goes off the clock and then it starts just before he gets the ball and shoots it. There is no way in hell you can inbound the ball and get a shot up in basically one second.

  6. Let's not forget the fact Milwaukee was up 32-10 at one point. Im from wisconsin and I'm a bucks fan so no I'm Not a bandwagon. I've liked them ever since I knew about them. GG hawks. It's tough with ROY between Doncic and Young. But Young is more clutch in my opinion. But it's crazy how nobody talks about John Collins. Definitely a top 15 PF. Maybe top 10 but looks ready. This guy can really control the paint and sometimes the perimeter. Young and Collins could turn into the best duo in the league at sometime if they actually keep this bond together. Kevin Huerter and Taurean Prince are pretty good too

  7. Mavs fan here..i enjoy watching the hawks they have some great pieces i cant wait for this season and draft to be over so we can stop comparing luka and trae. Bright futures for both players ?

  8. Y'all do know this was the Buck's bench that played the entire game. The only starter was Brook Lopez

  9. FYI.. if the Hawks want another shot at the team they played today they can do it by traveling up to Oshkosh Wisconsin which is where the D team practices.

  10. Went to this game with my brother, glad it was a real thriller!
    They call this trae-T-L, hopefully they show em what it's all about in the mil doe..
    Much luv

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