Watch NBA BULLS vs 76ERS | Zach LaVine Goes For 39 Points Against Philadelphia | March 6, 2019

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Behind 39 points (26 in the 2nd half), 5 rebounds and 4 assists from Zach LaVine, the Bulls defeated the 76ers tonight in Chicago by a final score of 108-107.

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This NBA’s video is titled BULLS vs 76ERS | Zach LaVine Goes For 39 Points Against Philadelphia | March 6, 2019 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:37, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. I'm getting sick of this stupidity by the Bulls. They are losing by winning. If you want to hang in the game and show me you got talent then that is fine but please just aim for the side of the rim on game winners! This is a good young core and they have proven that to me even in a close defeat I can see this is a good squad but by god just throw it at the end of these games haha. If we were like the 8th worst team then I can see just trying to win if you can but when you're 4th worst and have a shot to be bottom 3 then STOP WINNING these close ones!

  2. At the top of his vert hes unstoppable plus he has so much hangtime too, all i say he needs is probably some more muscle to push these bums outta his way easier ?

  3. Still can't figure out the replaying the end of this game.  There should be a common sense rule that says if it clearly didn't make a difference in the result then they should just let it go.  Can't imagine the uproar this would have caused had the 76ers won.  Either way I suppose it didn't change the outcome, but still probably something worth addressing during the summer.

  4. omg bulls im a butler fan i hate to see hes on the 76ers and not the wolves but oh well i live in chicago and i have to rep bulls and this gives us another reason to rep bulls that alley oop was crazy lets see if the bulls make it to the finals

  5. Sixers lost to a NBA team on the road by one point everyone needs to chill sixers will be fine. They also have almost a completely different line up which they are still working out and are missing their best player once they get the chemistry better and everyone is healthy they will be just fine. I do have to ask how you let lavine who has damn near 40 points get a wide open lane to double team Lopez that was just dumb.

  6. What's going on Brett Brown??? Even without Embiid, we got Butler, Simmons, Harris and Reddick. We should be able to close out tight games. Why do your players think that they can play careless out of control and loose posession of the ball at the end of the game like Simmons did? Why are we giving Reddick more credit than he deserves? The inconsistency with his shot is really bothersome. You are the coach. Fix it!

  7. The referees help them win that game to Chicago Bullsto sixers got fu for the game it’s kool Six is winning the championship this year

  8. The problem with the Sixers is simple: because of the way the team has had to be constructed because of “The Process” meaning, having to build a team around Ben Simmons and Embiid——-two prototypical players with skill sets who aren’t found on Championship teams—their is no way to mask the fatal flaws of this team.

    That is, Simmons cannot space the floor in two ways a pg like Curry or Irving can—- shoot or dribble penetration/handle. Simmons can’t move around with the ball but rather either QB a spiral down court or distributes from the key. He absolutely promotes no reaction from the defense. Further, he forces Embiid to play around the perimeter to keep players from sagging in and clogging the lane—-as best they can. It’s either Embiid in the paint or keeping the paint open for Simmons.

    As for Embiid, when’s the last time a dominant big man has lead any team to a championship? Games aren’t run through centers anymore but through guards.

    I think the Sixers should trade Embiid, get another serviceable center and get a true pg, and have Ben learn the 4, they could truly build a good team.

  9. What’s up with butler not giving love to the bulls players after the game? Kinda sheisty if you ask me

  10. How we lost: Sixers Had the league, And then BOOM..they stop playing defense all across the bored. SMH!! Our defense sucks. Annnnd…Ben Simmons turn overs?

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