Watch NBA Devin Booker's OUTRAGEOUS Consecutive 50-POINT Performance | March 27, 2019

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Devin Booker (22 years, 148 days) became the youngest player in NBA history to record consecutive 50-point games (59 on Monday, 50 tonight) as he finished …

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This NBA’s video is titled Devin Booker's OUTRAGEOUS Consecutive 50-POINT Performance | March 27, 2019 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:03:16, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. It’s either he’s playing for the crazy individual numbers or he actually trying to win except his teams trash and he feels like he needs to put up fitfty to carry them to maybe win against the wizards? That’s tough

  2. Devin Booker really needs some help in Phoenix bc if he's putting up consecutive 50 point games and his team is the worst team in the western confrence then there's a problem right there.

  3. This guy is so overrated. He's putting up numbers for a bad team. As far as I'm concerned he's David Lee on the NYK lol. He drops 50 pieces when his team loses. Then these last two come at the end of the year when let's face it no one is real trying anymore. Until he does it and wins, I ain't chalking it up to more than that. Oh yah against the Celtics, his team helped him pad his number at the end. And they lost.

  4. Man, booker has to trust his teammates more. He's not really good at anything else besides scoring and drawing fouls from both the eye test and the stat sheet. Despite his assist average, he has to be the least willing passer since Kobe bryant and still averages a sweet 4 turnovers a game. If he just trusted his team and gave them the ball more, especially ayton, Josh Jackson, mikal bridges, and TJ Warren, then they could seriously be a good team. But he doesn't exactly have that winning mentality. He's such a talented player and when he drops 50 the sun's are still 0-3. His style of play really isn't working, and that's even worse when you realize that he doesn't even make up for it on the defensive side

  5. Devin Booker deserves better a better team a better city better fans. He is awesome he is a 6"7 elite scorer.. yall better wake up because Zion is coming and u think this guy unstoppable u just wait.

  6. bullshit 50 points any star can get 50 points on 30 plus shots. funny thing is booker gets 70 59 and 50 and loses every game. stats dont mean shit. the kids on the suns dont know how to play right. they better pray for ja morant cause they need someone to take charge.

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