Watch NBA PACERS vs CELTICS | Kyrie Irving Comes Up Clutch For Boston | March 29, 2019

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Kyrie Irving converted a layup in traffic with 0.5 seconds remaining to lift the Celtics to a 114-112 victory over the Pacers tonight in Boston. Irving led the Celtics …

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This NBA’s video is titled PACERS vs CELTICS | Kyrie Irving Comes Up Clutch For Boston | March 29, 2019 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:36, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Kyrie was mad as hell at the play from 9:13. But why the hell was he just laying on the ground for that play. He waited to long to get back up. Still a great win by the Celtics

  2. Players win games teams win championships
    I love the Celtics but we ain't doin shit this year
    I hope I'm wrong!

  3. That horford putback 1st Q was a good example why coaches say hustle down the court on every play.. nothing is guaranteed

  4. It's taken a few games for him to get fully back from when he was out earlier this season, but tonight, Tommy was full Tommy.

  5. Move the ball for a good shot in the 4th quarter, then you wouldn’t need to be “clutch” ?????…
    Sidenote: where was Tatum in the second half ?

  6. Tatum is jealous of Kyrie , he acts lackadaisical and puts no effort on the court. He is being passive aggressive.

  7. My Boston Celtics We Is Back On ? And Can't Be ? My Boston Celtics We Fixing To Run Through Every Team And Dominate The Nba My Boston Celtics We Beat The pacers 114-112 And My Boston Celtics Is 45-31. And On Our Way To The Championship#BigFactz

  8. Lmao Boston got popped in 5 by Milwaukee the whole team morale is down and Kyrie is gone in free agency the cavs made finals after trading kyrie and got a developing player in Collin Sexton Cleveland won in the end

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