Watch NBA ROCKETS vs CELTICS | Harden Goes For 42 Points In Boston | March 3, 2019

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Behind 42 points (14-31 FG, 6-18 3pt FG), 7 rebounds and 4 assists from James Harden, the Rockets defeated the Celtics in Boston by a final score of 115-104.

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This NBA’s video is titled ROCKETS vs CELTICS | Harden Goes For 42 Points In Boston | March 3, 2019 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:44, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. As a SIXERS fan I hate games like this cause it feels like the Celtics didn't have no drive this game. I respect them as an opposing team but they look sloppy playing this game.

  2. 8:53 THIS IS INSANE. He gets Kyrie to bite on the cross, creates the separation space with the step back
    and with support coming from the top of the key he manages to make an incredible shot. I don’t think he’s MVP but boy is he playing like one ???

  3. Harden STILL in the course of a game toss up shots that are too low percentage.
    Also, when a teammate appears to be hot, continue to get the rock to that guy.
    Harden will ALWAYS settle for me 1st… off rhythmatic shots which im terms, leads to a score for the opposing team.
    Those are lost possessions.
    The rocket will not when a thing championship wise intil harden plays with common sense.
    I dont care what the analytics say.

  4. Im a huge rockets fan through and through, but harden did travel when he made that shot over Irvine and tatumn ?. Just glad the rox got the W.

  5. Celtics never had a chance in this game. Rockets are starting to flex! Harden with 42 points which left you wondering if he even scored. Eric Gordon was 7 for 8 at the three point line in the first half. Rockets suck. Totally. Lol

  6. Kyrie hasn’t ben the same since he left cavs but ion blame him who da fuck would wana ride shotgun to lebum?????

  7. I’m a Trail Blazers fan. So. But you cant tell…that at 8:59…that’s not a travel. That is a fucking travel. Like holy shit

  8. I'm a celtics fan. I have defended this team to long. There getting bounced in the second round this year. My raptors or bucks deserve to go to the NBA finals this year and hopefully beat the warriors.

  9. Management and coaching is the problem with Celtics. They were doing fine until the trade news with the Pelicans Danny Ainge we don't care about Anthony David

  10. This is so fucking boring. Sports is not exciting at all. I'm tired of it especially because of the loud sneakers. Everything about this just screams boredom, I understand this is how people make money but I fail to see how anyone makes a good amount of money from Sports. Maybe I'm just complaining because I'm not out there myself.

  11. 4:15 did he just call the Celtics the Lakers smh this guy must be so old he sees yellow instead of green on the court lmao ?

  12. i think harden should be front runner for mvp so far hes been amazing if chris paul stays well thel have a chance to beat the warriors

  13. Kyrie isn't good enough for this team and this team isn't good enough for Kyrie. It was worth a try but it didn't work. Celts either gonna lose in first or second round, lose Kyrie in the off-season, and try to build around Tatum and Hayward. Kyrie is just bad juju IMO. He knows how to corrupt locker rooms with his post game statements.

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