Watch NBA CELTICS vs HEAT | Dwyane Wade & Kyrie Irving Duel In Miami | April 3, 2019

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The Celtics defeated the Heat, 112-102 tonight in Miami. Gordon Hayward contributed a team-high 25 points to go with 8 rebounds 5 assists and 3 three pointers …

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This NBA’s video is titled CELTICS vs HEAT | Dwyane Wade & Kyrie Irving Duel In Miami | April 3, 2019 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:33, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Time to let bum ass coach Spo to go and the only way to make sure this happens if the heat don't make the playoffs. I wanted the heat to make the playoffs for Wade. But I haven't ever like Spo as a coach. This stupid zone defense is bad. Players don't know their assignments and for some crazy reason the man in the middle of the zone never contest a freethrow jumper. The man is always under the rim. I thought it was Bam just missing his assignment and i notice Whiteside does the exact same thing. That's horrible basketball. The idiot stayed in a zone when the Celtics put a lot of shooters in the game. Anyone who knows how to play basketball knows the best way to make a team stop playing zone is put shooters in the game and shoot them out of it. Which the Celtics did but terrible coach Spo did not change. Which is his problem as a coach. Players and coaching haven't improved not going on 3 years now. The heat do not get a pick next year in the draft and this years draft pick won't be a high pick. If Spo is brought back next year with this team. What the heck do Riley expect this team to do next year. Time to try something new because if we could let most of these players go they should but the entire team is under contract. So its time for Spo to go because we seen what this team can do with Spo coaching. This is a .500 team the last 3 years and i don't see them getting better. So if they get a new coach and they suck next year. It will be like the last 3 years with this so call good coach. Fire Spo please. If the heat would have won tonight. They would have been in the 6 spot because New Jersey and Detroit lost. Now they are 9th

  2. Miami will make it , Brooklyn is the one with the toughest games coming up , they will be left out.
    But their last game of the season is against each other, it could go down to the wire.

  3. Good road win Celtics, let’s keep it going here on out, one game at a time, get another road win Friday night at Indiana and with a Philadelphia lost to Bucks? We’re closing in on 3rd in East, I know it really don’t matter what seed we get, we’re coming out the east #1 on our way to the finals to get number 18! Way to go Boston! Stay focus and motivated!

  4. This heat team is everything a YOUNG Dwadr would need to get wins with… now, he just can’t be that guys even though the team overall isn’t bad. So many close games this years… a young D Wade would just take over and get those wins… this shows the true impact of Dwade in Miami

  5. I'm a C's fan, dope that they won BUT

    Why does Jayson Tatum continue to argue to the refs everytime he drives, takes a shot, make or miss lmao like bro you not kobe for another couple years lol you dont got the juice like that

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