Watch NBA #LeanInTogether: Vince Carter On Encouraging Girls To Lead

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Vince Carter of the Atlanta Hawks calls on all of us—men and women—to play our part in creating a more equal world—and encourage girls to be bold and lead.

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This NBA’s video is titled #LeanInTogether: Vince Carter On Encouraging Girls To Lead and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:00:31, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Well stop being emotional
    and acting like a totally BITCH because of your emotions then MAYBE you can get more backing
    And you got to work for it not ask for it to be given to you

  2. Your parents should be your role model. Girls aren't weak and don't need to be treated like fragile worthless pieces of porcelain….sorta like VC's ankles. ouch lol

  3. You're great inspiration to women/girls, including your own daughter, Vince. I miss the old you when you're drafted for the Raptors and had played for the team a long time.

  4. Man Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart, that lady on HGTV, Oprah, all those daytime talk shows, Venus, Serena, Danica Patrick, get outta here, you just literally put the insanity in Vinsanity…

  5. I support this. Vince Carter is a good human being and we will never forget how much he inspired Toronto to become the city it now is. I hope his last season will be with the Raptors.

  6. My kid wants to be a helicopter. Should i lie to her? Sorry sweety. You are a woman. There is things you are ment for and things you are not ment for. Dont disappoint your kids. Dont lie to them. Sports rot minds.

  7. We already support women wtf are u talking about women aren’t that prevalent in the nba because most of them are trash at basketball look at the wnba don’t no one give a fuck about that league not even women themselves stop acting like no one if supporting women in fact women are one of the most supported groups in today’s society

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