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The Raptors defeated the Magic tonight in Toronto by a final score of 111-82 (franchise’s largest margin of victory in a NBA Playoff game), tying this best-of-7 …

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This NBA’s video is titled MAGIC vs RAPTORS | Kawhi Leonard’s 37 Points Leads Toronto | Game 2 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:37, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. I see Lowery trying to quiet the naysayers. I think he can do ok as long as the game isn't close and they get a comfortable lead that's the only time he can grow some balls.

  2. The first game raptors were way too lenient especially in the second and third quarter so they let the magic get easy and even tough buckets. THIS game, they actually got serious.

  3. KL the best the greatest? Wait at least till they knock off Orlando. The Magics seems so scared early. Clifford as good as a coach for motivation, this one is on him and the players. Comments here are like kids when they see the CURRENT thing that happened. Most are missing analytical thinking. KL took a ton of shots. Dumb system. His team mates are not used to shooting the ball WILL ALWAYS kill a team later on. Magic players must be aggressive and play like game 7 and they can beat the DUMB ISO System. BTW, Magic can beat Raptors.

  4. Why the hell is Kawhi still playing in the 4th Q with 6 minutes to go, up 30+ points, in a first round game? I get that a team can come back from a 30+ pt deficit (Clippers) but that's rare and it takes more than 6 minutes to happen. Kawhi has a history of getting injured in the post season. Bad coaching.

  5. I can’t deny and say Toronto faces every time Ross scores hurts them bad! But not because he hitting shot and cutting to the hoop but because they traded him last year big mistake in my opinion,,I’m ok with tradin derozen but not ross we need 3 point shooter who can shoot of the dribble and cut to the basket

  6. It's 1-1… ORLANDO MAGIC will be just fine!! We going home to our crowd and Orlando has a great coaching staff..will adjust ..this team won't die.. Toronto fans can smack lips but we gonna see..your in our house now..we stolen one in yours ?..going 1-1 in Toronto is good ?? Never die Orlando Magic!!

  7. Mannnn Gasol and Leonard balled out this game. Kudos to lowry but it seems like kawhi is gonna be the raptors x factor this year. Yall peeped my son gordon at 7:24 thooooo

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