Watch NBA Trae Young's March/April Highlights | KIA NBA Player of the Month

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Take a look the quick Point Guard in Atlanta, Trae Young, as we look at his best plays from March and April! Subscribe to the NBA: For news, …

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This NBA’s video is titled Trae Young's March/April Highlights | KIA NBA Player of the Month and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:04:59, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. You mixed it up for Luka and again for Trae. They’re the rookies of the month not the players of the month

  2. Ice Trae's gonna be doing his thing in the East for years to come. In a year or two Hawks will be a perennial playoff team while he's leading them.

  3. Post all star weekend:
    Luka 22.9/9.7/7.1
    Trae 23.4/4.7/9.2

    So Trae was just slightly better than luka post all star and you americans think that Trae is rookie of the YEAR?

  4. Who the fuck is this corny ass announcer that keeps complaining about the defense not cutting Trey off? Not like they aint trying. Lets see you guard him

  5. Y’all need to stop comparing trae young to steph curry. Steph can barely create his own shot. Trae creates his own most of the time.

  6. Not sure I’ve seen a quicker release off the dribble. Man o man is Trae Young sick! I’ve watched that game-winner against the Bulls maybe a thousand times lol

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