Watch NBA MUST-SEE 4-Overtime Historic Finish Between Trail Blazers & Nuggets | May 3, 2019

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In the first 4OT game in the NBA Playoffs during the shot clock era (1954-55) and second 4OT game in NBA Playoffs history (Boston vs. Syracuse, March 21 …

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This NBA’s video is titled MUST-SEE 4-Overtime Historic Finish Between Trail Blazers & Nuggets | May 3, 2019 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:05:29, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. sadly neither of these 2 teams will win more than 2 games in the western finals before getting eliminated.

  2. Two extremely likable franchises, battling it out, what an epic performance by all involved

  3. Damn seriously this game was absolutely insane , both of these teams didn’t want to lose , but damn what a game this was , Rodney Hood , who would’ve expected that from him to win it for Portland ?

  4. in the official recap why is thas a-hole pronounces Jokic (pronounced like yo'-kitch)as jo-kitch with /d??e?/ as in joke??? nba is a joke.

  5. People say the NBA is scripted but how can you say someone scripted this type of Game? It would take a Genius to even come close to creating something like what we saw

  6. Aye my blazers winning in the west. Love from Toronto, u guys my other team I always root for ??

  7. This how playoffs basketball game should be . Raptors cannot even shoot open shots . Raptors don’t deserve to be in playoffs??

  8. A Shameful Game! Not One Clutch Shooter? No one can make a last second under pressure Shot? I am 55..I will come off my Sofa No warm ups And Hit a Game Winner! #Shameful

  9. Good job Portland. Nuggets were defending Lillard well so McCullum stepped up. So did the bench in clutch times. That's how you win the game. Your first star gets shut down. You have a second star to back him up and execute! Your bench contributes too, like they did.

    On a side note, that is exactly what LBJ needs (other star, and good players off the bench to step up) for when the other team's defense is locking him down. Eventually, that will begin to get him more open looks so he can score!

  10. I’m warriors fans…Was fantastic game for …Blazers …WIN .
    Because I like to see the last round Playoff games play with the warriors !!

  11. Is it me or will the refs never call moving screen on Denver's big man? Also how many travels will he get away with in this series? But don't matter Portland has more Hustle in their step. Just wait until Dame goes off, it will be over. This has to be one of the best playoff series ever. Golden state is on their way down these two teams are on their way up.

  12. Fucking awesome ..I started watching ..actually with 2 minutes left like at the start of the video lol ..I wanted 5 OTs

  13. This will probably be the best playoff game of the whole year no matter what happens. I watched from start to finish and I was sweating bullets because I am rooting for the blazers. The way they ended the 4th down 5 with less than 2 I thought they were going to put the nail in the coffin in the first OT but man, hats off to denver especially jokic and murray they played their hearts out

  14. THIS is what NBA Playoffs is about, and if any one damn of you who don't like this game, you don't like NBA basketball. It's been ages since we have a quadruple overtime, so get over it, you can't have a happy ending without writing a Hollywood script like this.

  15. As a Blazer fan, that game was so nerve wracking, like watching a someone walk a tight rope over the Grand Canyon. It was almost too much. It was a heavyweight bout like Ali and Frazier.

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