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On Thursday’s episode of The Starters, the guys discuss if the Rockets blew their chance vs the Warriors, whether Golden State can win without Kevin Durant, …

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  1. y'all are way to easy on Kyrie he came out and had a historically terrible post season after talking and talking and looking like he barely cared when he was losing. Embarrassing for such a great franchise

  2. Rockets need to take advantage of no kd on the defensive end, its also weird to me that faried isnt getting more minutes he's so energetic it gets every pumped. Capella needs to take some blame aswell as cp3 they've both been poor

  3. Because Chris Paul is about 2 tiers above Lowry. You're trying to compare a 1st ballot Hall of Famer to a borderline All-Star player. I know you're a Raptors homer, but give me a break.

  4. Leigh literally just said, that Danny Ainge should have made trades AND that this team is so stacked you just HAVE to make it work. ?. Which one is it brah?

  5. If these idiots had their way, they'll do anything to not talk about GSW. They're forced to talk about them because Rockettes blew it.

  6. Skeets, another one of those idiots that neglects to point out that GSW in 2016 lost Bogut, had a one-legged Curry, and Iggy with a bad back. Conveniently leaves out Curry missing the first 7 games of the playoffs last year. Oh, and Iggy missing Games 4-5 in the WCF. Bitch.

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