Watch NBA RAPTORS vs BUCKS | Kawhi Leonard Drops 35 Points & 9 Assists in Milwaukee | Game 5

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The Toronto Raptors sank a franchise-record 18 three-pointers (18-43 3pt FG, 41.9%) as they defeated the Milwaukee Bucks, 105-99, and take a 3-2 lead in this …

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This NBA’s video is titled RAPTORS vs BUCKS | Kawhi Leonard Drops 35 Points & 9 Assists in Milwaukee | Game 5 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:37, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. "Hey Kawhi. You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish!"

    "That's funny. Nuh huhhh huhhh huhhh huhhhh."

  2. It's interesting that the stadium looks kind of empty as if they knew they were going to lose LOL

  3. This was the ‘wake up’ basketball heads moment. It’s funny some actually didn’t wake up after this.

  4. Bucks fans feeling the love of a whole country during this series…only to have their hearts ripped out at the end…this was the game FVV woke up and realized he was the future father of an nba superstar…

  5. By the end of this game, the series seascape had been littered with venison chum for the oncoming frenzy… the Bucks new it too!

  6. Love watching all the playoff series games in 2019 of Raptors and laughing out loud in all of the dumb comments of warriors in 4 or bucks in 4 or 5. Damn! Raptors proved them wrong.

  7. I love the Raps but not a fan of those jerseys and shorts for a playoff game. It makes it look like a Christmas game. Their black jerseys have that playoff feel to it imo.

  8. kawhi is better than gianis thats all ! gianis is over confidence that he can defeat raptors or kawhi but sad gianis ahahaha

  9. I realise it doesn’t matter, but the Bucks have got to turn the music off at some point. So annoying.

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