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In his one and only MMA bout, 1984’s US Olympic gold medal winning freestyle wrestler Mark Schultz went from the mats to the Octagon against UFC 8 …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 9 Free Fight: Mark Schultz vs Gary Goodridge (1996) and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:24:20, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. The Schultz brothers were too bad motherfuckers, and to have a headlock named after you is pretty impressive. The Shultz headlock is a nasty headlock , it’s not allowed in wrestling anymore. Because when they would lock it on they would put guys to sleep, and then roll them over and pin their Opponent. If there was more money involved in the UFC back down, I’m sure we would’ve seen more of Mark Schulz. But it definitely wasn’t worth him giving up his coaching job. Could you imagine how much better he would’ve been really putting himself into the sport, training with Strikerz. He would’ve been a monster to deal with.

  2. I remember watching one of these fights back when I was 6-7 years old and thought to myself wtf is this shit and switched back to WWF ?

  3. Awesome grappling/wrestling/striking/cardio match on account of Mark Schultz, pathetic on commenting, no their fault, one the UFCs classics, ty who ever uploaded this

  4. I miss the days whenever the fighters only knew one discipline or were heavily involved in only one with like a public class knowledge of others, ik everybody in the comments I’d about how’s it evolved for the better and fighters are smarter/better now, but I think for the purpose of entertainment the old way is better, yes it’s one sided, but it makes it a battle of the disciplines and it makes the fights interesting to see where that discipline falls off against another, that’s why I wish MMA stayed the same and a new organization was formed for fighters that wanted to learn a lot of everything and become a calculated killer, but old fashioned MMA showed how real people fight, because nobody in a street fight has 10+ year of knowledge of the science of combat sports, MMA imo has went from a organization built by the fans to a corporate business that removes half the fun in what they do

  5. Schultz was a first great wrestler in UFC. Too bad UFC went underground for a while. He would've destroyed these early tomato cans faster than you can spell r-o-y-c-e g-r-a-c-i-e.

  6. I think that putting your opened hand on opponents face is a bitch move and it's supposed to be illegal, those eye pokes and all that shit what come with putting opend hand on someone's face

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