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Relive the historic moments of Money in the Bank Contract winners such as Seth Rollins, The Miz, Carmella and more cashing in and successfully winning …

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This WWE’s video is titled Every successful Money in the Bank cash-in: WWE Playlist and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:26:36, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. Out of the all the biggest superstars I feel like Rey mysterio has been the least appreciated not by fans but the company. He has had the fewest title opportunities I feel like out of all the top guys u could name like Roman reigns seems like he gets more chances for goodness shakes and dolph Ziggler

  2. Alexa bliss.was the last decent one I cant remember any since seth Rollins is the best one for me or the randy Orton one both have great stories to them

  3. The Miz should try and Keep his Briefcase and win the Royal Rumble. Then cash in the briefcase.

    Then face himself at 'Mania 37.

  4. As much as Rollins and even Miz were all time great, nothing will ever beat the 1st time. It’s literally the crowing of Edge becoming “the ultimate opportunist” and it had the iconic passing of the briefcase to Vince himself to beat the top man in the company!

  5. Don't know what Referee was trying to understand when Carmella was trying to cash-in XD
    Though the best cash-in was of Rollins.. Crazy

  6. Guys if you just saw the history of cashing in the briefcase you can see that both miz and sheamus cashed in the briefcase at the same history of 2 different years

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