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Before Goldberg returns to action on June 7, 2019, relive some of the greatest moments from the WWE Hall of Famer’s legendary and dominant career.

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This WWE’s video is titled Goldberg’s greatest moments: WWE Playlist and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:17:12, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. Goldberg is the real animal.. Goldberg is th real beast… Goldberg is the real champ.. Goldberg is the real wwe entertainer.. Goldberg is the real most powerful wrestler in history!!

  2. Just think if you were standing on Big Shows feet when he was in the Jackhammer and were six feet your head would be almost 20 feet in the air.

  3. Damn I remember growing up in the attitude era when I was young enough to pick sides and im a austin guy but now looking back on how awesome Goldberg was he's up there also the guy is a absolute monster and nothing but respect for him what a great great wrestler could and did hang with the best of them

  4. Goldberg was smaller in wwe when he first came there than he was in WCW, he definitely juiced in WCW. He looked much the same way his 2nd Tim as he did his first time there.

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