Watch NBA Stephen Curry Goes For a New Playoff Career-High 47 Points | NBA Finals Game 3

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The Toronto Raptors take a 2-1 lead in this best-of-seven series as they defeated the Golden State Warriors by a final score of 123-109. Stephen Curry recorded …

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This NBA’s video is titled Stephen Curry Goes For a New Playoff Career-High 47 Points | NBA Finals Game 3 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:03:35, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. We may have lost but I think all Warrior fans are and should be extremely proud of the amazing performance Steph put out there in Game 3.
    We haven’t given up yet, and we’ve still got 3 games to win.
    LETS GO!!!

  2. warriors fans they are going to win the championship they have been always facing a situation like this probably they will come back strong

  3. He doesnt get half as many 4 point plays as he should its crazy how that is and he doesnt even bend the rules like other players

  4. Honestly if the NBA doesn't change the rules where if you play like Harden you get free throws all the time Curry should just fucking do it. He would literally shoot over 90% from FT on like 10+ attempts. He should be getting more calls either way.

  5. Steph is such a choker in the playoffs/finals that he is 8th in ppg in the playoffs and 10th in ppg in the finals even though he played in 5 finals.

  6. I hate when people say NBA Players choke Ain’t no such thing if they miss they miss Choking can be seen easily Like if they not playing hard enough But not choking is going out making 47 points and almost making 70 lol

  7. For me. Bogut is also important to the warriors since almost scores of curry came from connection between him and bogut. Correct if im wrong.

  8. This Toronto team was real it wasn’t just the Klaw. We learned this in 2020. They were not be messed with especially with a injured GS team

  9. When you drop 45+ and your team still loses in the Finals then you know its over. Same with Kobe with the Suns in 06, Lebron aganist the Warriors 18. The raptors this year without Kawhi are killing it. They were alot better than people thought. Once KD was out, they had zero size.

  10. If klay and kd werent injured the warriors wouldve won the finals. I guess the only way to beat the warriors is to injure their players

  11. I like how Game 1 of the 2018 finals, LeBron drops 51 pts, 8 reb, 8 assists against 4 all stars, loses and the Warrior fans show no respect. But in Game 3 of the NBA finals, Curry drops 47 on 2 stars, loses and yall demanding respect? Nah keep the same energy you kept with LeBron.

  12. Ansaket ng game na to para saken… ? Nung nakikita mo yung idol mo na lumalaban paden kahit talo na.. ?

  13. People act as if the raps beat the real warriors dude had more than half of their points lol and they still lost

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