NBA Team Update shows off his crazy bounce for the oop! …

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@therea1djones shows off his crazy bounce for the oop! #NBABreakdown #NBADunkWeek


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  1. I like how everyone is questioning if that’s a dunk… he didn’t jump to the lights, grab that and score 2 points…

  2. Not a layup, he threw it in, literally. Or threw it down depending on your perspective. Layup is slow, just like when you lay down in bed it’s slow, if it’s fast and hard (=) you threw yourself into bed. Baseball, football are all thrown, in this case he didn’t shoot, nor layed it in, he threw it in (down) w.e.??

  3. Forgot, also, it isn’t a floater, nor tear drop along with the rest, shot, layup nor tossed

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