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Former featherweight champion Cris Cyborg defeats Felicia Spencer and makes her case for a rematch with Amanda Nunes at UFC 240: Holloway vs Edgar.

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 240: Cris Cyborg Octagon Interview and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:01:56, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. shoot them steroids cybor skank. man cheater.. god did not bring you here.. steroids did.. you should thank god for steroids

  2. If Dana was smart he would a$$ and kiss your feet!!! He's all abt money. I'd pay a hefty dollar to see him in the octagon with u!

  3. Dana White best have bodyguards 24/7 when he comes to brazil. Because he is due an ass whooping for his lies,Letting fucktards insult brazilian native like just because they are not westerners. Thats it idiots like colby and sonnen are allowed to degrade a whole country. And insults cyborg by saying she looks like wanderlei silva.And joe rogan needs his ass beat too. Fuck his bjj. Aint going do shit when getting rushed by hardened street guys.

  4. Team cyborg shout out from the Netherlands a true champ and humble humanitarian Africa loves you too for not forgetting the underpreviledge god bless u lady????

  5. Fair play cyborg for confronting the boss? No Fuck u out contract. Say summit when it actually happened cry baby

  6. Trip Trapper Channel UFC lies and cheats for Cyborg
    Cyborg did not win this fight she lost and I can prove it ita on my channel. I did a Video of it… felicia Spencer Won that fight

  7. Cyborg casually doesn't really answer any questions, does anyone else notice this. She just goes ahead with her pre canned comments and pretty much disregarded Joe Rogan's questions. Well, two out of three of his questions anyway.

  8. She doesn't want the rematch Nunez is the the real deal not like Cris or Ronda ,Amanda is a powerful striker who commits to her punches she is that type of fighter who bites down on there mouth guard and says F ck it and swings recklessly and Nunez will fight anyone she will go down s one of the best if not the best female MMA fighter .

  9. I’m not here because of how Cyborg carried herself after winning tonight, I’m here because of how she carried herself after she lost to Nunes. Pure class and integrity. Love you, Cyborg??????

  10. You know you're one of the best when all people can talk about is how amazing it was that someone got their ass whooped by you.

  11. Sad to see her go. Women's UFC just lost it's best fighter. It seems to be all because of her boyfriend too. 110% fucked.

  12. Ufc are crazy to have fired her. The UFC roster has never looked to weak for the casual fans to get interested

  13. and people still think that is a women? Are you all on drugs? She has a deeper voice than bill cosby and better physique than 90% of humans.

  14. My first time seeing spencer fight n im a fan now..i was expect cyborg to destroy her but she held her ground..she will have alot of confidence after this fight

  15. Great fight that was and performance by cyborg! Annnnnnnd then Dana Fucks her off cause knew his new poster girl Amanda could lose the rematch. Pathetic!

    Let the fans have the fights they want to see not what you want ya fat bauld prick! The fans and the fighters are the reason his ufc exists and yet he doesn’t give a fuck about either of them. Good luck in Bellator Cris U will be treated better than ufc treats they’re fighters.

  16. Felicia Spencer is my new favorite featherweight. She is gonna improve and will do great things in that division!!!

  17. Man Nunes is gonna kill this gurl damn. All Spencer is there for is to be a sacrifice and good payday for Nunes. This Spencer fights like a brawler and nunes is very well rounded and a knockout artist. RIP Spencer ???

  18. Nunes is now the big money fight everyone wants. Amanda doesn't need to win real estate she already owns and you got owned Cyborg.

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