Conor McGregor Personal Update Bond is dead baby meet me at the spot. …

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Bond is dead baby meet me at the spot. @mcgregorproductions

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  1. damn this shit crazy dawg but ???.?.???
    ?? ?????????????
    ?? ? ?? ???????????
    ??? just dropped down to say
    ??? You hella gay, no cap

  2. Conor you’d be a great Bond villain and a movie star. You could be the next Arnold. I’m dead ass serious.

  3. Meet me at the spot… not the octagon… anywhere but the octagon!!! I’m not in the tapping mood today

  4. There was a bond flick, never die twice, but Nate killed you once and the Khabib killed you the the second time…. and made sure you never get up again.

  5. The notorious MMA Conor is dead and retired … here comes actor and Hollywood star … Conor MCNuggets !!!

  6. Yeah all your fancy suits and that shit but you throw a punch to an older gentleman at a bar? Thats class for you?

  7. Just seen the old man sucker punch – so disappointing. Was a big fan , no more 🙁 exposed yourself as a weak bully – what a let down

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