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Caption this

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  1. “I’m a washed up MMA fighter who’s now a millionaire and just posts photos of fights he lost in years ago”

  2. Guy trying to stay relevant in the fight business by hand picking a picture that gives a false account of events before one of the greatest boxers ever taught him a lesson easily.

  3. Mr Tapgregor you was knocked the fuck out in this fight… Khabib beat the shit out of you in the real fight. Too mutch talk…

  4. Loving all the keyboard warriors out there saying this and that, lets be honest, you wouldn’t last 1 round, let alone 10 ?

  5. He lost to the greatest boxer of all time in a BOXING max. Of course he was going to loose, doesn’t make him not a great fighter. And Khabib has never lost so…cut the guy a break. Stop pretending like you’re not totally entertained by Conor. You call him old news but you love the guy. He put MMA on the map and made millions

  6. How bout “I fought the greatest defensive boxer in history and he carried me the entire fight and disposed of me when he was good and ready so to give the fans a good show because everyone knows it was a money making joke and I can’t box and never had a chance from day one.” #floyd #mayweather ?

  7. Everyone super salty over this. Saying he’s washed and on a losing streak. First of all he landed more punches on Floyd then any other boxer ever did…. that’s a real stat look it up. We all know Conor would spark Floyd in one round if we are talking UFC. And every other fight Conor has been in, he’s pretty much lit them up, besides khabib. Idk why y’all hatin, well I do, but I don’t understand. Conor’s one of the best to ever do it in the octagon. Don’t discredit this man bc he lost a fight to a 49-0 boxer especially considering Conor isn’t a boxer. Df

  8. “Floyd beat my cocky ass and the Doctors confirmed it damaged my brain.” How about that? Who tf brags about a fight that was so fucking embarrassing??

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