Conor McGregor Personal Update Happy Saturday everybody! Proper Piña Coladas for all! …

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Happy Saturday everybody!
Proper Piña Coladas for all! #OneForAll @properwhiskey


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Conor’s social media post titled Happy Saturday everybody!
Proper Piña Coladas for all! …
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  1. Mctapper is sucker punching old men in bars these days, fame and money does some really weird things to people huh?

  2. I just saw a video of you punching an old man in a pub… why? Didn’t he like your whiskey? You ain’t worth following anymore. A champ doesn’t behave like that… ?

  3. After punching an innocent man at the bar you lost all respect you have left. From a great fighter you became a great bum. That’s really sad

  4. Seriously dude you hit a old men for your whiskey now that just makes me never want to try it anymore … just lost respect for you .. won’t be watching your matches anymore ..

  5. Dude gets paid a shit load of money to fight only to bring his misplaced aggression to a bar??? WTF is wrong with you?

  6. Hitting a defenceless old man for refusing to drink your pish , your popularity is sinking back home in Ireland ??

  7. Your a fuckin pussy for hitting the old man….if I ever see u in person I’ll sucker punch u and break ur nose and run…just like u did ????????

  8. So your sucker punching old men that refuse to drink your shite whiskey?? Wow your a true low life and the old timer ate the punch like it was a kiss ? how far the mighty have fallen

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