NBA Team Update at Rookie Photo Shoot! …

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@zionwilliamson ? at Rookie Photo Shoot! #NBARooks


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  1. Bro he’s at a photo shoot tf ya want him to do jump over the rim ? ya acting like this a game and swear y’all some doctors or trainers

  2. If his trainers and nutritionists were rlly helpful, they’d tell him the move his weight down from 280 to the 250-260 range? to many pounds on his knees that could potentially ruin his career down the line.

  3. Bro people saying “he lost bounce” it’s a photoshoot lmao. Most of your in-game bounce comes from adrenaline/actually being game ready. Trolls need to relax ??????????

  4. Ppl saying he lost bounce don’t understand. Ppl always look like they jump higher every different level. He looked like he jumped higher in high school than at Duke . Like it literally be like this with everybody !

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