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This UFC’s video is titled UFC Uruguay: Post-fight Press Conference and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 1:9:51, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. there was a women talking over the fighters the whole time, i know shes there to translate but wait until the fighter is finished so people can hear what your saying.

  2. Carmouche is a joke watching her is cringeworthy like she got outclassed in every aspect and WE ALL KNEW THAT WOULD HAPPEN . Why are people delusional why can’t you say the truth I’m not a top fighter I lost to rousey I’ve been fighting for years and I haven’t gotten any better as tonight proves that

  3. can't do it ! worst press conference ever! can't hear or understand anything! and the ESPN plus app is garbage as well ..PEOPLE GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!!

  4. UFC, use educated people behind the mixing boards, this ongoing sound issue is such a bad joke after all these years. At least try to do something about it…

  5. ESPN+ SUCKS. Get your production quality up for Christ's sake. Live feed jumping frames, camera men all over the damn place and can't hold a shot steady… You guys can't even get the audio right on the live Post-fight Press Conference. WTF.

  6. Luque calling out Wonderboy lol…Wonderboys sport karate fighting style is a Mauy Thai fighter’s worst nightmare…bad matchup for Luque..he should’ve called out Robbie or RDA.

  7. Yeah this is awful to watch, normally people just complain in comments so I tend to take no notice however this time it's valid, awful.

  8. Mike perry got absolutely robbed and it’s quite a shame because he took the worst nose break I’ve ever seen and he fought through it and then got robbed. What a damn shame. Mike is going to need multiple surgeries from that and got screwed so he won’t even get his win bonus. The guy is going to be out for a long while so hopefully they gave him one of those backroom bonuses like bisping and other guys have spoken about.

  9. Valentina is so sweet sweet, but my goodness her interviews are about as boring as her completely mismatched fights she keeps getting. Anything above 115 in the women’s division is extremely shitty

  10. Anyone who blames Valentina for that boring fight should probably seek out a new sport to follow. She is the champ and her job is to retain her title. Carmouche's job was to go and take that title. The challenger has to win. The champion just has to not lose. That is the nature of championship fights.

  11. audio terrible on this one. I can hear the translator clearer than the speakers. Plus two people talking at the same time. I don't think I can finish.

  12. Liz Carmouche didn't come to fight she just came to admire Valentinas ass the dirty rug mucnching air bender. All she did was pump her fists in the air almost like she was saying" I could just now hit you with a one two like this" as she pumches the air. What a idiot, she will regret this big time one day .

  13. It's quite simple, when you get a black eye and your friends ask, " Did you win or lose?" You say, " I won dude, You should see the other guys face." In this case Mike Perry LOST, obviously and the judges got it right.
    It was a great fight, a close one at that.

  14. The massive company UFC is and these press conferences constantly have terrible audio.

    Why is someone not reviewing them and thinking “Oh we should fix this or that”. Awh well, I’ll continue to watch them lol

  15. Wow don't ever do voice over again couldn't even watch it and I watch every one. Some times there is audio issues but this was just stupid. Redo the video if you want to translate it but don't ruin it for every one else and the wide majority that understand English clearly.

  16. For the people who are saying that Perry was the winner. Please, rewatch this fight. I believe that if they've given to Perry wouldn't be a robbery, however, rewatching the first and second round it is true that Mike landed more significant strikes but they were defended by Luque's guard. On the other hand, most of Luque's significant strikes landed clean.
    I know your frustration but I couldn't see any problem on the decision.

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