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Go behind the scenes at UFC 242: Khabib vs Poirier to experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Check out the full episode exclusively on UFC …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 242: The Thrill and the Agony – Sneak Peek and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:05:14, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. Khabib's father (RIP) praised the God as Khabib defeated Priorer. Allah o akber… Allah is great and All praises are for Allah

  2. my heart whn these fighters say sorry bro. like man yall fucking went out there nd did that shit! that just goes to show the level of passion in these men and women

  3. Good to see khabib father got to see his son winning live infront of him. R.i.p. khabib's father. Respect to dustin too. Both are true champs .

  4. Gotta love that respect Khabib showed to Dustin after their fight and offering to sell his shirt to donate funds to Dustins charity organization. That's a good man in my book! ?

  5. 29-0 This October Boys ‘ Ain’t No way Brother Khabib losing this. For his Father for the legacy ? Inshallah

  6. 5:04 dad left now but Allah with you always everything will going how Allah planned inshaAllah. It's khabib time October 2020 ????

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