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CELTICS at 76ERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | October 23, 2019 Ben Simmons put up a near triple-double (24 PTS, 8 REB, 9 AST) as the Philadelphia 76ers …

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This NBA’s video is titled CELTICS at 76ERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | October 23, 2019 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:43, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Well, it's time for me to make my yearly prediction for the Celtics. I've been fairly successful in recent years. I predict the Celtics will win at least 21 games this season.

  2. I am not liking Stevens again. Grant Williams was good but was glued to the bench. Carsen Edwards was given few minutes but was pulled every time before he started to groove. Robert Williams was good but given only 10 minutes. Kemba is useless without someone setting a pick for him and no one was doing that all night. Coaching needs to improve.

  3. Celtics Fans 2 years ago: this year we have Gordon and Kyrie?! For sure NBA Finals

    Celtics Fans 1 year ago: we get a healthy Gordon and Kyrie, with our young core 1 year more of experience. NBA Finals!

    Celtics fans after 1 game: No more Kyrie. Trade Gordon! What is Tatum doing? Smart isnt so smart? Brad Steven's sucks..

    Al was underappreciated by you guys last year. Kyrie killed the chemistry you had built.

  4. Horford is a sellout lol. And I keep saying Celtics can’t start All 3 of their wing players. Taytum is not a PF they need a Legitimate PF. They should’ve kept Marcus Morris or trade Hayward just because they all cant coexist on the floor same time

  5. Philly beat Boston because they out rebounded them big-time. The Sixers had 62 total rebounds to The Celtics 41. Other than that The Celtics played pretty good. Tatum and Hayward had a great season opener. So, I think The Celtics will have a great season if they can stay healthy and get a lot of rebounds on both defense and offense. The Sixers are pretty much predicted to win the East. But, I am still not giving up on my Celtics.?Go Boston? !!!

  6. Philly is scary in the east right now, as of game 1. But if the Celtics put some shit together & give tacko & the new rookies minutes or more minutes, I think we could possibly contend.

  7. All these people worried about Ben shooting a three. Sure let's forget he had 24-9-8 and was the best player on the court. Why Jack up threes when the defense can't stop you down low Brett brown had him posting up alot you know why because it is his strength and it was working. Let Ben play man and enjoy it it's not always about how many threes you shoot.

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