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CELTICS at KNICKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | October 26, 2019 Kemba Walker (32 PTS, 7 3PM) had 21 PTS in the 2nd Half as the Boston Celtics erased a …

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This NBA’s video is titled CELTICS at KNICKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | October 26, 2019 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:25, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. I'll recap it for you. Knicks defense is crap same as last year they play 3 quarters and fade. Another wasted year watching horrible basketball by the knicks and no end in sight.

  2. I really like how both teams respect the game and on suspectinjury plays they make sure that they did not intentionally try to follow on anybody and help them up.

  3. I was impressed by the effort in the first two games; and then this mess happened! How in the hell are you not ready, to play a complete game against your greatest rival?! You compete well in the two games on the road, and go out like suckers in your home opener! I'm not expecting the Knicks to go to the playoffs or have a winning record, but could you at least go 36-46 and be competitive through the season?! This disaster falls on the whole organization. Even though I'm not a fan of David Thisdale( I wanted Mark Jackson to be the coach), I am willing to give him a chance. However, I don't believe you hire somebody based on a press conference rant! Mark Jackson proved his mettle as a coach with the Warriors. All Thisdale has proved, is that his rant is big on social media! As long as Mark didn't force his beliefs on anybody, he should be coaching this team. I will go even further. Hello NBA team owners; a very good head coach is sitting in a broadcasting booth! As far as the players are concerned, you don't have enough talent to make the playoffs, but that's no reason not to give your best effort every night! Show some pride for the rest of this season!

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