NBA Team Update “This orange ball can change your life.” – x …

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“This orange ball can change your life.” -@antdavis23 x @nikebasketball


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  2. True. This game of basketball saves lives being an outlet for many whom are able to express themselves through the game itself in a positive and productive way. The sport changed my life and kept me focused on achieving my goals while doing deeds. It is my refuge and safe haven in the world where I’ve been able to release all of my feelings and thoughts just by simply playing basketball. It helped me let out all of my frustrations and problems I was going through. Thank God and bless this game?

  3. I always wanted to play basketball like for real when I was little but my pare never had money for a trainer

  4. It does help being like 6’11” I mean he had to learn his trade and craft but being tall definitely helps

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