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BUCKS at CLIPPERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | November 6, 2019 The Milwaukee Bucks defeated the LA Clippers, 129-124 tonight in LA. Giannis …

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This NBA’s video is titled BUCKS at CLIPPERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | November 6, 2019 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:31, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Clippers are loaded! No kahwi and pg13 and lost by 5 vs last years runner ups ???? I’m a lebron fan but don’t think anyone is beating the clippers and someone will have the balls to say kahwi carried the team ???? nope not at all

  2. I love watching clippers get their ass kicked. So the same with the chargers. Two failures that will only kill the talent. I think both these two teams should be sued for killing the talents of so many great players.
    Even you put the best players in nba in a clipper team they will still lose, any given day.
    This team will never add up to any shittttttt.
    I think Boston Celtics , Denver nuggets , clippers , Orlando Magic , the great Memphis Grizzlies, Utah the worst Jazz should start a league of their own for the competition of who will score less.
    These teams need to be studied at the universities as an example of failure year after year and how students and organizations not to follow their footsteps and that by itself puts them way ahead. ?

  3. Yoooo. At around 2:35 did anyone notice when Harrell mad a floater they put 60 for the bucks when they had 58 and didn't give the clips any points for that shot AND THEN they kept the 60 for bucks but gave the clips their points

  4. Clippers fans: Yall just lucky Leonard doesnt wanna play and PG is hurt.
    Common sense: What do you call the clippers without Paul George and Kawhi Leonard?? Losers. No way in hell without them they make it past LA.

  5. Where do sign I am leaving the Clippers. After the lost Now Signing with Bucks Welcome to Your Newest Home Now I am Bucks Fan for life Bucks Baby let's go I love my New team just getting used to Them

  6. IF!!!! The clipper's get to the final's…..THEY better HOPE they don't face the BUCK"S in the chip! That is a seriously Bad match up for this clipper team! The clipper's dont have SIZE! and they Thin in the paint!

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