Watch NBA BULLS at HAWKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | November 6, 2019

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BULLS at HAWKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | November 6, 2019 The Chicago Bulls defeated the Atlanta Hawks, 113-93. Tomas Satoransky led the way for …

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This NBA’s video is titled BULLS at HAWKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | November 6, 2019 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:49, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. The Bulls are too INCONSISTENT! One night (EX: Last night gainst the Lakers, AFTER shooting good), THEY'RE SHOOTING BRICKS ALL OVER THE PLACE (I call them, the CHICAGO FIVE THUMBS! THEY SHOOT LIKE THEY HAVE FIVE THUMBS ON THEIR HANDS)! The next night (EX: Tonight against the Hawks), THEY'RE SHOOTING THE LIGHTS OUT! They NEED another player or two, WHO ARE MORE EXPLOSIVE – AT LEAST ONE SUPERSTAR PLAYER – TIGHTEN UP THEIR DEFENSE, PLAY MORE CONSISTENT QUARTER TO QUARTER, GAME TO GAME, AND SHOOT MORE CONSISTENTLY! THEY'RE NOT THAT FAR OFF! THEY NEED TO GET ANOTHER LOTTERY PICK – HOPEFULLY, THAT'S "NOT" THE NUMBER 7 PICK – AGAIN – OR GOD FORBID, EVEN LOWER! I know Anthony Davis (he gets hurt a little too often, for my taste, but so does a lot of Bulls players or so it seem) but if they can get him, they should) has been putting out hints about playing back at home, but I don't know of too many BIG NAME free agents that want to VOLUNTARILY come to Chicago, so they will have to HIT BIG IN THE DRAFT! BUT IF THEY CAN KEEP THE MAJORITY OF THE PLAYERS THEY HAVE NOW, SIGN ANTHONY DAVIS, AND HIT ON ANOTHER LOTTERY PICK, THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO MAKE A "RUN" FOR A WHILE! STILL MIGHT NEED A COACHING / PHILOSOPHY (SCHEME) CHANGE, TO MAKE IT ALL WORK, THOUGH!

  2. Even if you don't indicate who won the game in the video title you still give away who won the game if you don't have a neutral thumbnail, this one was solely Bulls players

  3. Everytime Hawks make a run the coach sits Trae on the bench wtf…and we need another backup point gaurd because Ty is trash af

  4. And ppl talking bout Trae better then Luka …gtfoh Luka dropped 27 last night….Can I say all-star this year….if the coaches don't hate…wat 9 points for Trae….come on dog

  5. The only problem the Bulls have is blowing leads. All of our games this year we lost but the Pacers and Raptors games we’ve blown huge leads INCLUDING blowing a 20 point lead vs the Lakers.

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